The Battery Materials & Technology Coalition (BMTC) is comprised of companies that mine, extract, process, manufacture, and recycle battery materials, as well as develop cathode, anode, cell, pack, and battery technologies in the critical mineral and battery sectors. BMTC companies are united behind a shared interest in growing a resilient and sustainable North American battery supply chain that ensures governments and private industry across North America seize the opportunity to secure the supply chains that power our way of life.

BMTC encourages the U.S. Federal government to craft and implement policies, programs, and funding opportunities that support the battery manufacturing base, improve supply chain coordination across North America, address foreign market threats, and establish companies in North America as leaders in battery technology innovation. In 2021, the coalition prioritized working on the Congressional bipartisan infrastructure package, and due to these efforts, secured $6 billion to the Department of Energy (DOE) for cost-shared grants to scale domestic battery material processing, manufacturing, and recycling.

The battery supply chain, which includes raw material mining and extraction, refining and processing, component and technology manufacturing, cell and pack production, and recycling, is burgeoning in North America. To ensure a North American battery industry can grow to meet the explosive demand for batteries from the transportation, energy, defense, and electronics sectors, a whole-of-government approach must be taken to support and scale a battery supply chain from mine to battery pack.

Why We’re Here

Currently, North America is heavily reliant on foreign countries and industry for sourcing, processing, and manufacturing the materials needed for clean energy technologies, including battery materials and components. This dependence on foreign sources poses various economic, national security, and environmental risks, which could be significantly mitigated by scaling a secure North American battery supply chain.

In particular, the chemical processing of critical minerals is important to national security and climate priorities given the U.S. is dependent on these materials for the deployment of technologies that electrify our economy and reduce emissions. Currently, China controls most of the global battery mineral markets – including 59% of lithium processing, 65% of nickel processing, 93% of synthetic graphite processing, and 100% of natural graphite processing. This stranglehold on critical mineral supply chains creates a range of adverse effects, including market-access problems, trade barriers, and discriminatory procurement practices.

Landscape Timeline

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February 2021
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March 2022
President Trump signs Executive order 13817 on Securing Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals
USGS publishes a list of 35 critical minerals
Senate Energy & Natural Resources leadership introduce the American Minerals Security Act
The Trump Administration releases a critical minerals strategy
The U.S. and Canada sign a joint critical minerals action plan
The bipartisan Congressional Critical Materials Caucus is launched
The Trump Administration releases Executive Order 13953 on Addressing Threats to Domestic Supply Chains for Critical Minerals
Joe Biden is elected as the 46th President of the United States
Biden Admin releases Executive Order 14017 on America’s Supply Chains
Congress works on the Clean Futures Act, LIFT Act, GREEN Act, and Endless Frontiers Act
Biden announced his infrastructure plan goals, which included $175B for EVs
Biden announces that grants for battery manufacturing are part of his Jobs Plan during a visit at a Ford EV plant
FCAB releases the National Blueprint for Lithium-Ion Batteries
DOE and DOD release their 100-day Supply Chain Reviews which focus on high-capacity batteries and strategic and critical materials
A bipartisan group of Representatives, led by Congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, introduce H.R. 4864 - the Battery Material Processing and Component Manufacturing Act
Senate passes the $1T bipartisan infrastructure package, including $6B for battery processing and manufacturing
Senators Cortez Masto (NV) and King (ME) introduce companion legislation to H.R. 4864
DOE in partnership with government and industry stakeholders announces the launch of Li-Bridge
President Biden signs the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law
One-Year Anniversary of the Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains; Agencies including DOE and DOD release their 1-year supply chain reports
Congress passes the appropriations bill for FY2022, including funding for battery RD&D and critical minerals development

BMTC Timeline

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January 2022
March 2022
BMTC is launched
BMTC co-hosts an industry roundtable with Department of Commerce on the Opportunities and Challenges for North America’s Battery Supply Chain
BMTC hosts a briefing on the North American Battery Supply Chain for the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus
BMTC responds to RFIs from the Departments of Energy and Defense on supply chain priorities
BMTC hosts a roundtable with the Canadian-American Business Council on U.S.-Canadian collaboration on critical minerals processing
BMTC applauds Rep. Mike Doyle for introducing the Battery Processing and Component Manufacturing Act
BMTC hosts a briefing on Domestic Battery Material Processing & Recycling with the Congressional Critical Materials Caucus
BMTC Meets with U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai
BMTC applauds President Biden and Congress for passing and signing into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
BMTC submits letter to USTR on graphite tariff exclusions
BMTC responds to RFIs from the Departments of Energy and Defense to inform agency supply chain reviews
BMTC endorses the Supply Chain Resilience subtitle of the America COMPETES Act